Thursday, June 19, 2014

Autism the Ghostly Disorder

Autism is one of those disorders that has no visible identifying features. You can not tell if someone is autistic by looking at them. Parents of an autistic child hear over and over again "Really? He/She doesn't look it" when you tell them they are autistic.

I don't know how to take it when someone says that to me. At first I say to myself "well that's good, my daughter doesn't look autistic". Then I say "how do they know what autism looks like?" If everyone knew what autism looked like, life would be easier for the autism community.

Actually people really are seeing the autism and not the child, like a kid with a sheet over his head. They see the sheet and treat him like he is weird and unsociable instead of looking under the sheet and seeing a sweet, shy, little child. Autism like the sheet is the handicap that is blocking people from seeing the child for who they are while not realizing they are handicapped.

One of the most frustrating parts of autism is people not treating our children as they are special needs or handicapped. Just think how much society could help the autistic community if they didn't throw them off planes, or out of restaurants. If they found better ways to teach them instead of disciplining them. Making friends with them instead of bullying them. Help them instead of laughing at them. Give them special care instead of locking them up. If they would just look under the sheet.

So when an adult gives a mean judgmental look at my beautiful little girl I just want to scream at them "would you look at a handicapped child that way!!" My daughter wants to be social, to be liked, and to have friends. She cries at night about how the kids treat her and asks why she has to be like this. 

I wish I could lift the sheet off of my daughter's head but the sheet is society's judgement and they are placing it there. Until society stops judging our children, they are doomed to walk the earth like ghosts. The only solution is spreading awareness of autism to teach society that autism is a disorder and a handicap for our children it is not their personality.

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