Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No Not the Hamster Dance Song!

This song is evil!! Not really but it is for one child!
When Sierra was 2 we would play children videos on YouTube for her. She really liked it and would gesture for us to play more. Then we played this song, The Hamster Dance song, which has just crippled her.

If you dare, you cam watch it yourself here but keep the children out of the room. I don't want to be responsible for any damage it causes to their minds!

 At first we thought she liked it,  she would just stare at it intently  like she was mesmerized by it.  We played it for her a number  of times over the days thinking it  was her favorite, but little did  we know we were crippling her  for the years to come. We  finally realized she didn't like the  song when she would leave the  room when it came on. We stopped playing it and didn't think anything about it anymore, and then it started.

Sierra took dance for a year when she was 4. The parents would sit outside the studio while the kids learned their dance. One day at dance Sierra started screaming and crying and putting her hands over her ears. When I went in to get her, I heard it, that song was playing. I explained to the teacher that some songs and sounds bothered Sierra and the teacher said she wouldn't play it anymore. That didn't matter to Sierra, she was extremely nervous going to dance classes the rest of the year. Then the recital came and one of the other teachers used the song for their dance routine. We had to take Sierra out of the auditorium until it was her turn to perform and then leave right after. Needless to say that was Sierra's last dance, she didn't want to go back.

The next year she started kindergarten and guess what? The teacher played it in her classroom and Sierra freaked out. I explained it to the teacher and she didn't play it anymore. The next encounter was movie night at the school where they played music before the movie, and yes you guessed it, they played the song. For the rest of the school year she was terrified every time she saw the speakers set up at the school. Then the fear set in.

The next year we had moved and Sierra started in a new school. On meet your teacher night before the start of 1st grade Sierra saw the CD player in the classroom. She became very nervous and wanted me to tell the teacher not to play that song. I told the teacher, while she gave me some really weird looks like I was crazy. She had never heard of it, but promised not to play it. 

Then Sierra was watching her sister's Taekwondo Jr class when the instructor put a song on for them. It wasn't the song, but because it was for the little kids, she thought he was going to play it next. She covered her ears and said, "I want to go outside" almost in tears! 

Next the Girl Scouts had a sock hop for the girls to go to with their daddy. Her father said she rocked back and forth and asked to go home. She was so worried that they would play that dreaded evil song, even though he ensured her they would not. 

We just went bowling last week when they played a couple of kid songs, she wanted to leave. A lot of coaxing took place before she agreed to stay and finish the game.

So that's where we are with the dreaded evil crippling song. It has robbed sierra of so much fun over the past few years. Who would have thought a couple of cute hamsters singing and dancing would put so much fear in a child. We are trying to find ways to help her deal with it, and maybe desensitize her, but I know now that fear is driving this bus instead of the song just hurting her ears.

We have let the fear become too big and now we are battling a monster!

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