Monday, May 26, 2014

The Best Portable or Travel Potty Ever

I haven't done a review before but I was thinking about how much I used this portable potty over the past couple of years and I thought I should share my thoughts on this potty.
Just look at the picture and it tells it all. You can use it as a portable seat for a big potty so they don't fall in and the legs double as a handle to hold onto. I did use it like this a number of times. However the best feature is using it as a free standing potty chair. There is a potty for girls and a potty for boys in pink and blue.

I can not tell you how many times or places I used this folding potty. Having a child with autism means you can't use the public restrooms like everyone else, you can read about that in my post Bathrooms are Not Handicap Accessible for Children with Autism. Here are some of the ways I used the Potette Potty.

In the car when on the road many many times. Just pull the car over, pull out the porta potty, and the bags to catch the pee or the poop in. Tie it up and dump it at the next garbage can. You can use it in the car or outside of the car.

I used it in a public bathroom numerous times when Sierra refused to go on the big potty. I also used it when the line was too long and Sierra couldn't wait (yes I did carry it everywhere in my over sized purse).

I used it at a festival when again the lines were too long. I put it in the stroller and I just draped a towel over her.

I also used it at the park, amusement park, baseball game, party, by the pool, as a camping potty, and the list goes on. The Potette Plus Potty is small enough to use anywhere you need to use it. The handles fold under too to make it even more compact. I would recommend buying this portable potty if you have small children, or a toddler with autism. It was definitely a life saver many times over! 
You can buy it here Pink Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus Travel Potty and Trainer Seat

  Check out how I potty trained in my post Potty Training.


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