Sunday, May 11, 2014

Autism a Warm Heart Cold Hands

The Meaning Behind the Picture

This picture was made by Sierra, my 7 year old daughter who has autism. When she told me the name of the picture, Warm Heart Cold Hands, it brought tears to my eyes. Here are the reasons why it means so much to me.
When people think of autism they think of a child that is disconnected, unsociable, and incapable of loving. In other words cold.

Parents of an autistic child know differently. They know that their child is very loving and caring, they just can't show it the same way a typical child does. Believe me autistic children do show love. They have a warm heart!

The other reason is this blog Fingerprints of Autism. Some of the description I gave in my first post Fingerprints back in 2010 was, "My little girl has autism and she touches my emotions so deeply that she leaves fingerprints on my heart." I have four children, 3 are typical and one with autism. Everything she does is magnified a hundred times more. It's like she has a direct line to my heart and is actually touching it. 

The picture says it all. Children with autism may seem cold but they are very loving warmhearted people and they touch our emotions so deeply that they leave fingerprints on our hearts!  Autism = Warm Heart Cold Hands


  1. I have a younger brother with autism and once, when we were in the kitchen with our mum, she started choking on her food. I got up to get her a drink but my little brother passed his saying "Mummy needs a drink". I find that these moments are a reminder that autistic children do care for the people around them even if they don't show it the way others do. I think that many people just don't realise this which is always quite sad.

  2. They love on the inside :) Thanks stopping by and leaving a comment!