Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

Yes the 4 is backwards, just noticed that myself!
Sierra is now 4! Where has the time gone? We had a little party for her and I let her pick out the cake and decorations. She picked a Pirates Of The Caribbean cake and pirate decorations. I knew she liked pirates but she bi-passed all her favorite cartoon characters for them!
The biggest thing about her party was that she blew out the candle herself! Sierra has never been able to blow out her mouth until this past winter when she was sick and had to use her mouth due to a stuffy nose. I am so glad that she was sick all winter now, it really was a blessing in disguise!

Sierra has also moved up to a more age appropriate class today! She was in a younger class due to self help skills and socialization problems. I am happy about that but I am sad because her best friend is still in the younger class. I believe that he has helped her tremendously with social interactions, and he was always so glad to see her when she walked in (I just wanted to hug him for being her friend). I think he was the initiater of that frienship and I am curious to see if she makes any new friends.

I can't resist showing you our new puppy, we named him Mojo (darker one) and my mom's puppy named Sweet Pea which is Mojo's sister. 
Mojo and Sweet Pea 11 weeks old


  1. Happy Birthday Sierra! Your pup is so cute! How big will he get? It's great that Sierra is moving up in class, progress is wonderful although a bit scary at times. Love the video! It's so great when our kids accomplish a task that they had not been able to do before! I hope you are feeling better! Chris

  2. Thanks Chris, the puppy will be a long moppy haired 10 pound lap dog. I am feeling better and I am slowly coming out of my funk.

  3. Happy Birthday Sierra! Hope your new class goes well :)