Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Hannah eating cake!
I haven't posted in a while as you can see, I guess you could say that I am in a funk. I am trying to pull out of it and get things going again. Here's what has happened while I was funking.

Last week Sierra had her IEP and everything went great! They are pleased with how much she has progressed and they tell me now that it mostly her speech that is holding her back now. They switched Sierra to a speech therapist that specializes in Speech Apraxia so we can focus mainly on her speech problems. They told me Sierra does not have an interest in coloring, drawing, cutting, or painting, which I knew already. The problem, I told them, is that those things are hard for her and anything that requires her to put an extra effort in she just chooses not to do. So they are evaluating her motor skills to see if she needs extra help there, which I am sure she will.

Hannah turned one year old and we had a little party for her. Every present that she was given has now been taken over by Sierra as well as all the ones she got for Christmas. I am working hard to get Sierra to share Hannah's toys with Hannah, and Hannah wants anything Sierra is playing with no matter whose toy it is.

Sierra has been sick a total of 5 times now since Christmas! 4 major (out for a week) colds and one bout with diarrhea. She goes to school for a week and then is out for a week. I think that is over now (hopefully) she actually has gone to school for a week and a half now.

I am battling a kidney stone and the stone is winning I think. It is a 2mm stone but it feels like I am giving birth to a 10 pound baby! I am on pain killers now as I am typing this so disregard anything out of the norm!

Our new puppy at 6 weeks old
We have done a world wide search for the perfect puppy and found one! He is a male Havanese and I will be bringing him home tomorrow, he is 8 weeks old. We are going to name him either Elmo or Mojo haven't quite decided yet. We also purchased his sister to give to my mother who lives about 5 houses away from us. 

That is about it, I think I am all caught up now. Sierra is turning 4 next week..... wow time sure does fly!

Mom's puppy at 6 weeks old


  1. I am so glad things went well with the IEP! As for sharing..good luck with that. My twins who have shared every moment of their lives won't share their freakin' toys! Seriously. It's driving us nuts to have to buy 2 of everything. And the puppy is just adorable! I have wanted to get a new puppy or a cat for a while but with everything that goes on around here I just can't do it yet. Maybe in the Fall. Sorry to hear about the stone. Hopefully it passes soon. It's a shame there isn't more that can be done about it! Take care, it was great to hear from ya! Chris

  2. Jennifer: Wow, glad of IEP. Love your puppy. We have 3 small dogs and they REALLY help our son. He does talk w/ them, more than people. Sorry about the stone too. OUCH, they really hurt, so my mom has told me. Good to hear from you. Jenny Holly

  3. Lots of wonderful things going on! Glad Sierra is on the mend...and I'm so sorry about the kidney stone. I battled one last summer that was just a little bigger and it actually never passed, pain subsided. The doctor thinks it either broke up on it's own and passed little by little, or it moved to the side and isn't causing pain and I was supposed to go back for another ultrasound, but haven't yet.
    Yay for IEP good news too! Happy late birthday Hannah and happy early birthday Sierra!

  4. I'm getting caught up too. There must be a funk going around the blogosphere lately!

    Glad the IEP went well and that you're services are up to par! It is always tough navigating everything, isn't it?

    I talked with another woman the other day going in for kidney-stone sounds incredibly painful! Hang in there...

  5. I am doing a blog carnival in honor of Autism awareness month, and I would like to invite you to participate.