Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Waiting And Watching

Hannah eating bananas
Sierra's younger sister Hannah is turning one this month, so far I don't think she is showing any physical signs of autism yet.
I have been watching and analyzing everything she has been doing since birth (it is impossible not to if you already have one child with autism). 

Hannah has been doing everything early, she is the most aggressive child of all my children. Sierra had signs other than just the social stuff, she couldn't feed herself finger food to she was well over a year old. She couldn't wave, point, or clap either. I had to teach her to do those things by repeatedly taking her hands and going through the motions until she got it. Sierra never babbled either as a baby (except ma ma once in a while) and Hannah is babbling away

Now there are a couple things that Hannah does have that worries me and could be a sign. She still has not slept though the night (I am very tired too), and she does seem to have gastrointestinal problems. I have started the same approach to rectify these problems as with Sierra and we will see if it helps.

I am worried because there are people who say that there were no signs and then their child regressed. I do however think there were signs and they just didn't pick up on them. Anyone who has ever told me their child regressed with no previous signs also has admitted their child was behind in some milestones, which could be a sign. Everybody swore Sierra was on target with her development but she wasn't, she was behind in her fine motor skills.  However I could be wrong (yes I admit it I can be wrong) and she could regress with no previous signs.

At this time in Sierra's life we were already pulling out of the stores and restaurants because of her behavior and she was running around like crazy and would never sit down. We are now able to go into stores and restaurants with both of them and make it through with no mishaps.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. It is definitely something I worried about with Ethan's twin when I started to see signs with Ethan. There was always something not quite right with Ethan and I told my husband (who chose to ignore it). I started watching for signs with both. Some of the signs Edward had were things I didn't realize were also signs of ASD but have learned otherwise. Seeing that I had no idea ASD even existed at the time it makes sense. I thought Autism was Autism but as I have learned since it is not. We saw the Dr. at Riley Chidren's Hospital yesterday for Ethan and they confirmed the diagnosis of our Dr. here. We have been referred for behavioral therapy that is not available here so we will have to make the 2 hour drive for it. Edward, Ethan's twin, is going in for his eval with them soon. Having 1 on the spectrum is hard but 2 can be more than I can take some days. I pray Hannah does not get diagnosed ASD as well. Take care! Chris

  2. i'm not much help I have 4 children all much older then my youngest who does have autism. They were all typical.. 7 yrs ago when I had my daugher I knew autism was on the rise Id seen it through my work. I was constantly having my youngest tested. However at 2 1/2 she was testing at age 4 in many areas. Her only delay was late walking but I was a late walker myself and my youngest had 3 sibling 8 through 13 who never put her down. she slept all night she was a dream. We hit age 2.5 I knew she would be fine. No idea why I always worried about autism finally I stopped. My baby turned 3yrs old.....passed all her milestone at pedi at well child check up. Within days she stopped speaking......she regressed totally everything stopped. She was tested at early screenings again she went from testing at age 4 to testing at a 10month level. So its sad heartbreaking! I lost the child i had in many ways suddenly and sleeping stopped totally.... it all stopped. They sassy mouth she had the begging for toys everything changed. Her favorite old toys still sit in a corner I can't part with them,, slowly I am reaching her but not even close to where she was. Regression is so horrible you can see it in pictures home movies its very visable. Just remember that chances are your youngest is fine.

  3. @chris - Autism was not what I thought it was either and you see all the signs in retrospect. I could not imagine having 2 on the spectrum (hopefully Hannah is not), I wish you all the strength and patience you need.

    @Anonymous - That is so scary to think you are out of the woods and then to regress at 3 after they have learned so much. Sierra regressed in some areas but she never talked. I feel so bad for you and your little girl, my prayers are with you.

  4. I think it is hard to not look for signs if you've already been through the diagnosis once. I find that I am always analyzing....it drives my husband nuts!

    Glad to hear that stores are easier now! My fingers are crossed with you :)

  5. I feel like I'm constantly analyzing everything my youngest does. She just turned two and so far has absolutely no signs. And yet I still constantly watch her. The other day, I walked into the room and saw her standing there flapping her arms. My heart stopped. Then she yelled, "I'm an owl!" and flew down the hall to her room. I think I got a few gray hairs out of that one. =)

  6. I can relate to your concerns. When Riley was born (she will be 4 next month) we watched over her every move. She didn't laugh when appropriate and would ignore you. As time went by she improved. Sometimes it is still hard to get her to respond but i attribute this to being absorbed in what she is doing. She is quite precocious.

    With Drake we were totally blindsided. He is the older of the two. We were in total denial until I saw him make a circle motion with his thumb and pointer finger and then look at it side-eyed. That was the day the sky seemed to fall on us. I was watching him and had to tell my daughter what I saw him do…a short time later he was diagnosed. Why this happens I will never understand…yet my life and ideas changed drastically…being with him is a gift as weird as that may sound. I won't say it doesn't break my heart…there are times I want to scream and cry and never stop…then I think about the joy he brings and I am able to go on: but it is sooooooo hard. You love them to pieces and do not want to see them struggle with anything…ever! I got to the point where I would take him anywhere (he had a right to do things) and if others didn't like it when he pitched a holy cow, fall to your knees, grab your advil and pray for the best moment, oh well—they could leave. I am such a pain in the keister when it comes to Drake.

    I will keep the little one in my prayers. The other day my daughter read a note I posted on autism and she said she felt so lucky to him him. I told her it wasn't luck…she was chosen…and I was blessed to be along for the ride. You my sweet friend were also chosen for it takes a special heart <3 By the way your daughters are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Great Help for Early Intervention! Hope to read more from you.