Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love......

I Love.....

How you sleep all the way under your covers and upside down sometimes.

How you run to me yelling "Ma Ma" ever day I pick you up from the school playground.

When you come out of the bathroom with your pants down to tell me you can't reach the toilet paper even though you can.

How loud you are all day but when you say "I love you ma ma" you say it real soft and sweet.

How nicely you take toys away from baby Hannah (I don't think she likes that).

When you sing even if I can't understand the words.

How you look back and giggle when you are running away from me, during your favorite game of chase.

How you like to sit on my lap while watching TV.

How smart you are and how you always find a way to make me understand what you are saying.

How you yell "cannon ball" when you jump into the pool but don't do an actual cannon ball.

When you pretend to be a cartoon character, especially Eleanor from the Chipettes.

How you yell "DADDY" everyday when daddy walks through the door, and when you miss him coming in you make him go back out, so you can do it.

How Elmo has to kiss everybody goodnight along with you (Elmo really needs a bath).

When you have a bad blueberry you come and find me to give it to, instead of throwing it away or putting it to the side.

All the little tricks you pull to try to get us to tickle you.

How beautiful, smart, sweet, loving, and funny you are.

Sierra I love...you!


  1. I love this I want to share this on my Facebook page if you don't mind.

  2. What a sweet post! Isn't it nice to appreciate those small things?! :)

  3. I've just found your blog and this is a lovely post

  4. @everyone - Thanks you, I always feel the need to write love letters to Sierra. I guess I feel that if she doesn't understand my actions she might understand my words someday