Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Year In Progress

Last year was a big year for Sierra in progress, here is the list of her improvements over the year:
  • Does not run off anymore and always holds my hand when out now.
  • Does play with other children and even has a friend.
  • Expresses herself in class and participates in group.
  • Potty trained.
  • Has met her self help goals
  • Only stimms if extremely excited.
  • Can be redirected from fixations most of the time.
  • Makes great eye contact and responds if spoken to 80% of the time.
  • Does not line up or stack anymore, and plays with toys appropriately.
  • Has added a number of new food items.
  • Meltdowns have diminished significantly..
  • Has gone from being non verbal, only making some vowel sounds, to talking in complete sentences and can be understood when talking in context. She also talks non stop now.
  • Is not hyper unless given foods that have sugar, and additives or dyes in them.
  • Sleep issues were resolved the prior year and have continued be a problem of the past.
Sierra has really come out and we are seeing so much of her personality now, and I hope this coming year will be just as good!


    1. Wow, that has been an amazing year for you, well done. Actually, I am feeling a bit emotional reading it, I hope some day to be able to say the same and truly understand how much of a big deal all of the above is :D Jen

    2. @Casdok - Yes she leapt and bounded through 2010.

      @Jen - It has been a good year and I wish the same for you and everyone else this coming year.

    3. I'm impressed! Those are some very significant milestones/goals that she has reached! You must be very proud.

    4. Wow...that IS some great progress! Isn't it nice when you can look back and SEE it? So often we spend so much time looking at deficits that we forget the little milestones :)

    5. @Lora - Yes I am very proud!

      @Chris P-M - You don't notice it as much everyday but when you look back you think wow she has come a long way.