Friday, January 28, 2011

Summer Where Are You?

If I have been scarce lately it's because we all have been sick since the week before Christmas.
Sierra, Hannah and I have been sick twice since then and not all at the same times either.  The girls have been tag teaming me with their ailments, Sierra is all better, but now Hannah has been having a rough go of it.  Oh and throw my husbands one time of illness in there as well, you know how guys are when they are sick (I hope it is not just my husband that acts like the world is going to end). 

Our house smells like throw up and diarrhea!  I don't want anymore boogers handed to me like it was a gold nugget and I don't want anymore mega long snots hanging from their nose to the floor!!...... I just want everybody to be better!!

I can't wait for summer!


  1. You are preachin' to the choir!!! I spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning carpet from Ethan projectile vomiting. And in the last week the twins have gone through all the underwear they own at least once (we have about 75 pair due to potty training) because of lovely diarrhea. My 17 year old lit candles yesterday throughout the house to try to make the smell go away. LOL Come on warm weather so I can open the windows and air out my house!!!

    I hope everyone in your house gets well soon and STAYS that way. :)

  2. OH Gosh Jennifer, I hope that you guys get better soon! Get some Emergen-C it works like a charm to boost your immune system and ward off illness. It has helped me get through some pretty tough spots.

  3. @Chris - I have used all the febreeze air freshener!

    @ Lora - I give Sierra high doses of vitamin C but I haven't thought of giving it to myself, maybe I should start. Thank you