Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

 I was given the Stylish Blogger Award by dluvscoke at Snippets "N Stuff. I am supposed to reveal 7 facts about myself that people may not know, then nominate 15 new recipients.
I am a very private person and I do not divulge information about myself too much. Yes I know I have a blog and the whole world can see it but I don't say too much about me in it. I am trying to work on that though, so here it goes
  1. I was a party girl when I was a teenager and of course I got pregnant at 16. My oldest is 26 and my youngest is 10 months (I had her at 43). Everybody thought my first child was my sister, now everybody thinks my youngest is my granddaughter.
  2. I took up skydiving for a short period of time, during my crazy phase.
  3. I love all things Tivo! I currently have 3 Tivo boxes and I also gave one to each of my older daughters. I would be a sad person without my Tivo.
  4. I don't like to be hugged or touched by people other than my children and husband. I can so relate to Sierra on that one. If someone grabs my arm while talking to me I hear nothing but my own mind screaming "let go of me!"
  5. I have hot tea and toast for breakfast every morning ever since I was a kid. When we go out for breakfast I still have it, I just add some eggs and sausage to it.
  6. I don't answer my phone unless it is my kids, husband , or parents. If you want to talk to me leave a message and I will call back, maybe.... I don't like surprises.
  7. I am the handy man (woman) of the house, I will always try to fix something and my husband always wants to replace it. If I can't fix it he replaces it, works out good.
Well that wasn't too bad I guess. Now I would like to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to some people, I am fairly new to the blogger world and I don't have 15 people to pass it on to that I don't think have had it yet, but here are the ones I am passing it to:

Chris P-M @ A Crazy Kind Of Faith
Apples and Autobots @ Apples And Autobots
Timmer Family @ Brycen: The Joys And Challenges
Dotcomkari @ Dotcomkari
S. Donovan @ From Parties To Potties
Casdok @ Mother Of Shrek
Ashley @ Stinker Babies
Chris @ Us And Them
4TimesBlessed @  Autism As A Whole
Jen @ The King And Eye

This next one is my daughter's blog, she is the one who got me started on blogging.
Coyote Rose @ Dancing On The Bar Of Life

Have fun checking out their blogs.


  1. Congrats and thank you for thinking of me!
    Im the same with the phone :)

  2. I love reading facts about people! I'm always intimidated when I imagine trying to come up with some about myself. So I've never tried before! Thank you so much for passing it my way. I'm actually inspired to try and think of some good stuff now. haha =) Yay!

  3. Sometimes you don't answer the phone when anyone calls. In fact, hunting you down on the phone has become an art form.

    Thanks mom

  4. @Casdok - Thank you for following my blog.

    @Ashley - I took a long time to come up with mine, it's hard.

    @Coyote Rose - love you :)

    @Homemade The Easy Way - Thank you!

  5. I never had the guts to go sky diving so I have to admire you on that one for sure!

  6. Oh my, thanks for the nomination! I might be hard-pressed to come up with another 15 folks too!

    Wow, I'm impressed that you took up skydiving! That's so cool! :) My hubby and I were remarking that I always want to replace stuff, but he's the scrounge who wants to fix things. (We just went out and spent $1500 on a stove and fridge...cuz oven died. My hubby said he'd try fixing it, and I told him I was banning him from fixing anything dangerous [gas qualifies!]. He's almost lost several fingers trying to fix the lawnmower / snowblower, and has drilled through his thumb. See my point?!)

  7. I found your blog through your comment on my blog so thought I would say a proper hello. Your blog looks really thoughtful and I look forward to reading some of your posts. congratulations on doing this post - as for the skydiving, what an achievement. PS - I'm not keen on hugging either except husband and children.

  8. @Lora - Thanks

    @Chris P-M - I never try to fix dangerous stuff, I have my limits. Plus I would rather have new appliances always!

    @Aspie in the family - Nice to meet you.

  9. THANK you for thinking of me! :) very kind of you! I love reading these facts about people, helps you get to know them better! :)

  10. Thanks for sending this my way! :)

  11. I guess I should have told you, things have been pretty bad at my house (lots of stuff going on) and I have been dropping the ball on a number of things. Sorry and your welcome