Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hidden Blessings

sick and she still posed for the camera, she even said cheese
Sierra has been sick since Wednesday, I think it is the flu.
It has been a rough week but she seems to be on the road to recovery now.  The poor thing wiped her nose so much that she has a huge sore under her nose.  I tried to put stuff on it to help, but you know how it goes, she doesn't like any kind of ointment on her at all!  Putting something on it causes more problems than just leaving it off.  I did however put some stuff on it while she was sleeping to help it heal. 

The good thing about this is that Sierra could never pronounce her "S" sounds because she doesn't know how to blow out of her mouth, only her nose, but her nose has been so stuffy that it has to come out of her mouth. I noticed her pronouncing her "S" words right and got very excited!  I have been taking advantage of the situation and asking her to practice her words (I know she is sick but I couldn't pass up the opportunity) hoping she will understand and keep doing it, even when her nose clears up.

Even though she has been very sick, it seems that it may have been a blessing in disguise.


  1. Awww...poor little! Our speech therapist has Kai plug his nose to get airflow out of his mouth (this is because of his cleft) Has your daughter ever been evaluated for velo-pharyngeal inadequacy? (I know...BIG word!) It is pretty common, even in kids who are not cleft-affected. Sometimes kids have a tough time closing their soft palate for sounds like "s". Anyway...thought I'd mention that!

  2. Poor girl. One of my boys is sick right now as well. He also tends to get raw spots around his nose from wiping too much but he also gets raw spots around his mouth from licking all around it (even when not sick). He wipes the medication off the minute I put it on but I keep trying. Eventually it does go away. I hope she gets to feeling better soon and that you don't catch it!

  3. Ah the poor little pet, that looks sore. My son does that thing with his nose too so I must watch out the next time he has a blocked nose and try your trick :) Jen

  4. @Jen - I have tried to plug up her nose in the past to no avail, she just won't let me do it. Hopefully this will work.

    @Chris - Thank you and now little sister is sick!

    @Chris P-M - No I haven't had her evaluated for that "big word" but it sounds like her problem. Thanks

  5. those tissues with the lotion built in are very good to sore noses....and you don't have to use ointment,

  6. Sierra won't use tissues. She has to use a cloth diaper or hankie, but thank you for trying to help.

  7. Sorry I am late to comment but I hope that Sierra is better by now. Griffin doesn't even know how to blow his nose but has been trying to practice the last time he was sick.