Monday, January 3, 2011

Fascination With Sierra or the Autism?

Ever since Sierra was a baby she seemed to draw all the attention to her when we were visiting others or even just at home.  When we go to my parents house, once or twice a week, we end up watching Sierra the whole time.  My niece who is 13 came for Christmas this year and she said that Sierra is very entertaining.  Sierra is just doing what she is normally doing, just trying to have fun and communicate in this world. 

It is very amusing when she acts out what she is trying to tell you.  Sierra is very determined to make you understand what she has said, if you don't repeat it back the right way she gets very upset.  What's entertaining is how she tells you, the combination of talking, signing, charades, pointing and even singing to make us understand what she is saying.  I have many times pretended to understand her to prevent her from getting frustrated, but she insists on repeating the actions until you repeat back what she has said, that I can't get away with it.

Pretending to catch a whopper (Backyardigans show).
Another entertaining thing is her acting out her favorite shows, if they are surfing on TV she is pretending to surf, if they are running and screaming, she is also.  Sierra will also act it out later on, so you could be sitting there and all of a sudden she is running through the house screaming "ahhh a scary giant," holding one of her stuffed friends pretending to be running from a giant.  Sometimes she just comes up to you and is pretending to be one of her cartoon characters and you are left guessing who she is.  We could be out somewhere and she sees something that reminds her of a show and then she will act out the whole scene.  Sierra will continue to act it out until we acknowledge what she is doing.  My poor husband is not up to speed on her shows and it is particularly hard for him to figure out what she is doing (it's sometimes amusing to watch him as well).

I wonder if it is her personality that makes her so entertaining or is it the autism?  Is it a little of both?  I don't know if she would be so fun to watch if she could talk normal or maybe she is very comical naturally and would find other ways to amuse us.  She does come from a family of amusing people.


  1. I fell in love with Sierra when you wrote the restaurant post some six-seven months ago.

    I had little idea she came from a family of hams!

    It's interesting that she acts out shows.

  2. I think that Sierra must be a ham. My lil' Tinkerbell will come to me and say, "I'm so and so and you're whoever the other character happens to be (we'll call them Jill and June for clarity)." Then I have to say, "Hi, Jill," and she'll say, "Hi, June," and that's the end of our play. Sierra takes it to the next level! Cute.

  3. @adelaide - That really warms my heart, you never think someone loves your kid except you or family. Thank you.

    @Apples - My guess is she probably is a ham too, she also does the I'm this and your that. Today she is Lilly Leap Frog and I am Tad Leapfrog.

  4. My son copies the actions on his favourite TV show, like Sierra surfing. I find it hilarious because he is so intense and exaggerated in his movements:) I can picture exactly what you are saying :) Jen

  5. Oh, I definately think it's both. Cody draws the same kind of attention. Our extended family loves him and thinks he is SO funny. I will admit that he brings a unique kind of joy to those around him, although dealing with his so called "funny" behaviors everyday, is not always enjoyable.

    I'm glad to hear that you sometimes pretend to understand Sierra. Now I don't feel so guilty :)Haha

  6. I try to pretend but she knows it and won't let me get away with it anymore!

  7. Good questions that I've also wondered about. Mine likes to act out all the shows, too. I hope we can find a way to channel that into something creative later. Maybe he'll take me to his first Academy Awards. =)