Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why Didn't Anyone See It But Me?

    I like to look back at Sierra's videos and pictures to compare her with her sister Hannah just to reassure myself that Hannah is developing normal (which she is so far).  I ran across these videos of Sierra on her 1st birthday and now it seems so noticeable to me that she is autistic.  It also makes me wonder why, when I told other people that she didn't seem to be developing normal, they dismissed it?  In this video she never smiles, doesn't look at anyone, and is humming the whole time, she also seems fixated on the ice cream.  She is a year old, she should be interacting and babbling!

    This next video she is playing with one of her presents, a ball popper, on her birthday (it's the same day, we had changed her clothes after the cake), there is no joy or laughing, no eye contact, just fixated on the balls.

    All the pictures I have of Sierra before her 2nd birthday, she is not smiling. I tried to get her to smile and on occasions she would, but if I pulled out the camera forget it!  She eventually was afraid of the camera.  Hannah smiles if I just look at her, and I can always get her to smile for the camera.  I knew something was not right because I had two older children and they smiled so easy as well, I kept saying this is not right.

I think some people might have noticed but just wanted to reasure me, but I would bring this up to her doctor and the nurses but they just blew me off.  One doctor of the group even commented on her humming when she was a year old, and I told him, "that is all she does and she doesn't babble at all."  He gave me some generic line about they should have so many words by such and such time.  Bull Crap!


  1. I always say parents know best. I knew awhile before Kai was even tested, but no one would believe me. I KNEW he was different. Again no one would believe me. then when it finally came out I wanted to rub it in their faces. *L* no, not really but I think looking back now, I could see signs way before anyone else could.

    Your daughter was a cutie, even without a smile on her face.

  2. It makes me mad sometimes because I could have gotten help so much sooner, she was already stimming at 5 months and she would never ever put anything in her mouth, which I know was not normal for a baby!

  3. My daughter was so borderline that her pediatrician would say, "Don't worry. She will grow out of it." Even when her 3K preschool teacher would say, "Fiona, look at my nose" (when trying to talk with her) it didn't cause them to think. She never played with others on the playground - always by herself. I knew at 6 months old something wasn't right but, she was our first and only child and I had nothing to compare with. Just a mother's instinct but I wish I had acted sooner than age 7. I finally had enough of listening to everyone say she is normal and took it upon myself to have her tested. I have come to realize that as moms, we know our kids better than anyone else and we need to listen and trust our inner voice.

  4. Mothers always know best! Doctor's know medicine, but we know our children! I wish they would understand that.

  5. I knew there was something wrong with my son and started trying to get help at age 1 1/2. I just got blown off. I was told it was aparenting problem or that I was over reacting. I even asked if my son had Autism and got told no. He lost out on that early help because of this.

  6. That is terrible, things need to change!