Monday, December 27, 2010

Survivor Christmas

    Survivor Christmas is a game we started three years ago.  I didn't have a lot of money for Christmas that year, so I made up some games to play to make it fun, and called it Survivor Christmas (can you tell I like the show Survivor).  My older girls would play 3 games and whoever is the winner gets some silly prize, first year was an M&M dispenser, second year a Snuggie, and this year it was a fuzzy foot massager.  They don't know what they win until the games are over.  It was so funny to watch them play these silly games that it quickly became a family tradition.

    This year I planned it with Sierra in mind and made it easy for her to participate.  I picked games off of the show Minute To Win It that required motor skills that were simple for her.

    The first game was they had to pull all the tissues out of the box only using one hand, and the first one who finishes wins.
The second game was using the same tissue boxes taped to their back, they had to get 4 ping pong balls out of the box buy jumping or moving anyway you can to get them out.
Love this picture
The last game was supposed to be where you move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth only moving your face, but the older girls vetoed that (Sierra loves this game but you look really funny doing it) so I changed it to getting tic tac toe bouncing ping pong balls into glasses.  Sierra just threw them.
    My oldest won the coveted prize of the fuzzy foot massager!
    Sierra loved playing the games.  We just let her join in if she wanted to and boy did she want to!  When she saw her sister's pulling those tissues out of the box she jumped up and ran to her box and joined right in.  It was so funny to watch them all playing the games, we had a blast!


  1. that is a lovely thing to do on Christmas day, I love the tissue box on your backs :) Jen

  2. That is so creative and fun, what a fantastic idea!

  3. I want to join your family! looks like fun games to play! :)

  4. LOL! What a great idea! I know you guys must have been hysterically laughing the whole day and I bet you'll chuckle to yourself when the memory pops back up randomly! :) Love it!

  5. That sounds like a very fun Christmas. I have also maintained presents like that. I am sure that it will be a Christmas to remember.

  6. @Everybody - I have been a little slow this week with my responses sorry (you know xmas stuff). Thanks for your comments, it really was a fun Christmas this year!

  7. Looks like your Christmas was a wonderful one. What wonderful memories! :)