Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Express Yourself

    Sierra, like any other child doesn't like to go to bed.  I usually get a lot of "Ma Mas" calling me back to the room, and some crying or stalling tactics.  She usually goes to sleep within the hour, unless she has slept during nap time in school that day.

    Last night was a typical night but she must have had a nap at school that day, because she was taking a long time to go to sleep.  After many trips back to her room for various reasons, I decided that was enough for the night.  The next time Sierra yelled "Ma Ma" I yelled back "go to bed!"  Sierra, clear as day, said "No, I don't want to go to bed!"  I was shocked and I said to my husband "Did you hear that?"  Evidently he did because he was laughing!

    Sierra's speech has been moving along at a good pace now, she talks in sentences all the time, I just can't understand all the words she is saying.  For her to say a whole sentence clear as day, along with actually expressing herself instead of crying, was well worth her being up so late!   I hope she didn't see us laughing, but I did let her know that she did a good job telling me her feelings.  Sierra fell asleep shortly after that.

It sure is funny how she can make herself understood when she doesn't want to do something!  Hooray for progress!


  1. Awwww, I am delighted because I KNOW how much of a big deal this is. I am a bit emotional. Huge congratulations (and a few giggles) to all of you:) Jen

  2. So happy she's talking, even if you didn't want to hear that, just then!!! My son is verbal, since 3 yrs. BUT, sleep only happens w/ medications! Clonidine, works so far! Thanks for your blog!

  3. She sleeps good except for days she takes a nap or she gets a hold of some food she is not supposed to eat. Thank you for reading my blog and your comment!

  4. Bedtime is a ritual that is a tough one but apparently it was a great catalyst to getting more speech out of her, so congrats I know it is a big deal!

    Griffin is on Clonidine too because his insomnia is so bad and thank goodness for it!

  5. Thanks Lora, today she said "hey give me that!" I guess the speech to get her point across is coming out first!