Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Decorationg

Christmas decorating this past week has been fun! Sierra was really into it this year. She put most of the ornaments on the tree.

I made some paper decorations and let her decorate the living room.  I told her to put them on the walls where she wanted them, and I tried to tell her to spread them out but that didn't happen.  This is where they all ended up.  She was so proud of herself, so that's where they are going to stay!

I did manage to get some decorations on the other walls when she was done.

This next week we are going to be making cookies and making some presents for the family.  I love Christmas and I think she is understanding it now.


  1. your daughter is beautiful! I am following your blog now! I found you through the Blog Gems blog hop. i have a little boy with Autism amongest other special needs. i can not wait to get to know your family better

  2. Thank you, I am following you as well now.