Friday, November 5, 2010

The Yo-Yoing Toys

  Sierra has always been afraid of talking moving toys.  When she was very little we couldn't walk down the baby doll isle of Toys-r-us because all the dolls would talk or move and she would be scared to death by them (I always thought it was a little creepy myself).  Even now if something catches her off guard she screams and runs to me.

    We haven't had Sierra tested for allergies but we know she has them.  Every spring and fall for about 2 months she has the tell-tale signs of allergies, dark circles around her eyes, sneezing, runny nose, sinus infections. But something else happens during these times of the year.  The toys that talk or move have to be taken out of her room because she is scared of them!

    The regression in her symptoms are very noticeable at this time.  The toys are ones that she loved at one point and played with them over and over again, but now she won't even go in her room if she sees them. Along with the toys bothering her, the loud noises are scaring her again, and she is also very nervous about going to school.

     I was so worried that she was regressing when this would happen, but all of a sudden she would snap out of it and then she is back to where her progress left off, before the regression, sometimes even better.  Then all her toys can come back in her room.  Obviously the allergies are doing it and it makes me wonder what else is she allergic to that might be causing other problems.  Maybe we can't tell because she is allergic all year round and don't see the yo-yo effect with them.  We have cats and a dog that we are in process of getting rid of because Sierra's little sister is very noticeably allergic to them, maybe she is too?  Have to have her tested!


  1. Did you get the allergy testing? My son has been tested since he went into shock at age 6 mths. He's allergic to all nuts, all dairy, but NOT pets. Darn good thing we have cats and dogs. Blessings to you.

  2. Not yet, it is on my list after Christmas. Thanks for your blessing!