Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Things In The Tub

    This is the sequel to The Things In The Bed I wrote a few weeks ago.  Sierra's bath time is as much of a show as bedtime.

    I am going to try to list them in the order of their recruitment into the tub:
  1. The fireman temperature taking duck we have used since her first bath.
  2. The little baby duck that used to light up but doesn't now.
  3. The frog that used to croak but doesn't now.
  4. A duck that has a snorkel and arm floats on, that she calls the daddy duck.
  5. A duck on a inner tube, that she calls the mama duck.
  6. Letters of the alphabet for learning the alphabet which she knows, so now we use them for spelling words in the tub.
  7. The Backyardigan's pirate boat that comes with Uniqua, Pablo, and a treasure chest.
  8. A pirate duck (she loves rubber ducks).
  9. Wind-up shark and a wind-up whale.
  10. A duck dressed as the Easter bunny.
  11. Nemo and Dory (Finding Nemo) cake toppers from her 2nd birthday.
  12. First batch of tub animals that squirt containing a whale, shark, turtle, alligator, octopus, and a pelican.
  13. A net to catch her toys
  14. 4 boats
  15. Wind-up Nemo fish.
  16. Two watering cans, the first one didn't work so good so we got another one, then Sierra wanted both.
  17. Second batch of tub animals that squirt containing a whale, octopus, frog, starfish, hippo, elephant, polar bear, and a seal.  These were a reward for her going on the potty for the first time.
  18. The last thing is a wind-up scuba guy we just got last weekend at the aquarium.
    All animals have to do the cannonball dive into the tub when we are filling it up.  This started this past summer when Sierra learned to jump in the pool and do cannonballs.  She thinks she is doing a cannonball, she just yells it when she jumps in (very cute).  That's about all of it!  I think we are going to scale it back soon, we need room for her sister Hannah to take a bath with her.


  1. I would love to have time to have a bath like that myself! Brilliant photo:) Jen

  2. This is too cute.. Charlie only takes a few items in ..usually cars so he can line them up on the side of the tub and a cup or bucket with his goggles...Within 10 min all the toys are out so he can swim. LOL

  3. I wish hers were out in 10 minutes, I have to drag her and her toys out after a loooong time!