Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Progress Report

    Sierra has received her progress report and instead of the "some progress" and the "plays alongside her peers" she normally gets, Sierra is showing good progress!

   This is their scoring system:

No Progress
Some Progress
Good Progress
Almost Complete

    Here's the report:

Demonstrate age appropriate self help skills in her preschool class. - Good Progress

Demonstrates appropriate social skills by initiating/participating in positive interactions - Good Progress

Comments - Sierra continues to use the potty independently and has met self help skills.  She continues to need prompts to clean up.  She is using phrases and playing with her peers. She participates in group time and expresses herself.

    I knew that she was playing with one kid in her class, but she is participating, playing with peers and expressing herself as well.  To have it officially written that she is playing with her peers is great news, I think I will frame this report!