Saturday, November 27, 2010


    Sierra is very into Christmas this year, she already has three things on her list.  I guess a Christmas list is something that is ingrained into children, because I have not told her to make a list but one is forming anyway.  Sierra wants the Olivia playhouse, a Crayola Glow In The Dark Color Board, and something to do with Thomas The Train, I haven't figured out that one yet.  She already has a train table and train set, so she either wants a new train to add to it or something else to do with him (plenty of time to figure it out I hope). 

2007 9 months old
    Last year she didn't know what was going on and we had to open her presents for her.  She liked what she got but there was no excitement with it.  She didn't do any of the stuff you like to do with children before the holidays like decorating and making things.  Sierra liked the tree of course, that has always been one of her obsessions, but it wasn't the same

    I am very excited about this Christmas as well, this is the first year Sierra seems to understand what is going on and she talks about it all the time.  It's like my little girl is finally emerging from the shell she has been in!  I have so many ideas on what to do with her, like making paper chains to hang around the house, decorating the tree, making homemade ornaments, making cookies, and maybe have her make presents for other people.  I might be pushing it a little, but I can dream can't I?  There is one thing that I love to do, that I know she will love to do as well, driving around looking at the Christmas lights and decorations!  She has already pointed out a few she has seen and we had to go back and look at them.  That could also cause a problem if Sierra wants to stop at every house that has a set of lights on it!  I guess we will worry about that later, right now I am going to dream of what fun is to come!


  1. Sierra has such a beautiful,angelic little face !

  2. I wish I still had young children at this time of year. Christmas just isn't as magical without little ones around. Enjoy every minute with her :)