Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top Ten Rules

Top ten rules to keep peace in the house for my child with autism.

  1. The big brown rocker/recliner chair is Sierra's only (Mom is allowed to sit with her)
  2. All Elmos in the house are hers even though some are her sister Hannah's
  3. The dog is not allowed to eat what Sierra drops on the floor.  She will try to take it out of his mouth!  In fact he is not allowed in the kitchen when she eats now.
  4. Sierra has to be sitting in her chair ( the brown rocker/recliner) when Daddy comes home.  If she is not, Daddy has to go back outside while she gets in it.
  5. All the bath toys have to say cannonball and jump into the bath before she will get in (there is about 30 of them).
  6. I must have cold juice in the car for her when I pick her up from preschool, and her 5 favorite stuffed friends have to be buckled in with her.
  7. All bedtime toys must be present before going to sleep.
  8. None of her toys (other then bath toys) are to be wet in any way! No baby drool, dog spit, drips from a drink, tears, rain, etc. All things cease until they are dried off.
  9. No one is to be sad or mad in the house, this makes Sierra very sad!
  10. All rules can change at any moment without notice and without telling you what the new rules are!
    There are many other ones but these are the everyday ones. I call them rules but I they are just a way to make Sierra feel secure. I will do almost anything to make her feel secure especially in her own house!


    1. My little girl is 3, too. She was also diagnosed at 20 months. She pretty much has all the same rules as your daughter (and of course, many more). She also has a brown chair that only she can sit in and will claim a chair in every family member's house too.

    2. They need that space to feel secure, so hard to make others understand that. Thanks for your comment, I linked to your blog so we can keep up with each other.