Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Dreams For You

The dreams that I had for you were many when you were growing inside me.

When I finally saw your precious face my dreams were coming true.

Slowly my dreams faded away as you started to spiral downward into a dark world.

When I realized you had autism my dreams were torn from me!

When we were fighting our way through the confusion of therapy and treatment my dreams were of healing.

When you started preschool my dreams were of acceptance, friendship, and fun.

Now when I think about my dreams for you they are the same as they were in the beginning!

My dreams for you never left me!


  1. I know this is challenging for us!Each and every day when I look in my son's eyes,I say to myself
    "why my son,such beautifull eyes,such innocence,why this cruel desease!!Autism has ripped my son soul ! It is good for us to be proactive ,educate ourselves,so as parents we can navigate this political system.
    Being a physicaian assistant did not prepare me for this,I went back to school,got a degree in education,got trained in many therapeutic intervention,speach,vision therapy,ot,verbal behaivior,different sensory interventions,and now mentoring for my bcba!!I see now why I had my son,he was a blessing in disguise!!My son has teached me not to discriminate,self acceptance, and beauty comes from within!
    Now,I can be a better advocator ,I can relate my life experiences with other children and adults that I worked with!!

  2. Yes, they definitely are a blessing in disguise!