Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pineapples And Ant Bites

    Last week Sierra had some weird thing happen to her.  I think what they were are canker sores, they looked and acted like canker sores, but they came on suddenly.  She had about six of them in her mouth, one on each side of her tongue, one towards the back of her mouth, and a couple in the usual places in between the cheek and gums.  She had one really bad one on one side of her mouth that swelled up.
    OK the back story is, we went to grandma's like we do all the time.  Sierra went outside and got bit on the toe by an ant.  The last time she was bitten by an ant she got a weird rash on her foot the doctor couldn't explain.  Then grandpa picked one of his pineapples and cut it up. Sierra for the first time decided to try the pineapple, which made me very happy!  She rarely tries new foods.

    Not too long after the ant bite she was eating the pineapple and she was whimpering about the inside of her lip.  I saw a sore that looked like a canker sore starting to form.  A little while later she seemed to have a slight fever.  Later that night  I saw one on her tongue.  I wasn't searching her whole mouth yet, so I didn't know how many she had or when they started.  It is safe to say she didn't have them before that day, because she had no problem eating until that day.  The next morning Sierra couldn't eat and I got the flashlight and looked in her mouth, that is when I saw all the sores!  My poor baby was actually asking for me to put orejel on her sores so she could eat, but all she could eat was jello and a little bit of rice.

    The fever lasted two days but it was a low fever, and the sores lasted four days and they disappeared as fast as they showed up.  Usually canker sores linger on for a while.  I am still none the wiser as how, or why they showed up so fast, and so many of them.  If anyone has had this happen I would like to know. I would like to say it was the ant bite because of the fever, but she never had pineapple before and I know they can be a trigger for them but not so many at one time.

    Well anyway, Sierra is fine now and I just wanted to share that just in case someone else has or had this happen.


  1. Oh that IS sad:(

    I just found your blog on blog catalog.
    I have a son with Autism and invite you to check out my blog. Maybe we can learn from each other?!

  2. I am not autistic, my son is, but I have the same reaction. It's a mild allergy to citric acid from the sound of it, and pineapple is the worst. Too much tomato can also do it. The worst part is that pineapple would be my favorite fruit if not for the reaction. There is a way I can eat pineapple without the reaction. I'm no scientist, but something about milk products break down the citric acid to where it doesn't hurt ME, at least, but idk about others. I can have it in cottage cheese, which I love, and also on pizza. Anyways, I hope this helps. :)