Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heavy Metals And Chelation

    The doctor had us do some testing to see what heavy metals Sierra had in her, and we found out that she was extremely high in lead.  I mean the line went off the chart high!!!  She was also high in mercury and was elevated in aluminum, thallium and antimony.  I am not sure where she got all the lead from, she did chew on metal a lot, but I always channeled it to a good metal.  I had bought some metal baby keys and some toys that were lead free to keep her from chewing on bad stuff.  We live in a new house so it wasn't the water pipes.  We gave up on trying to figure out where it came from and just focus on what she is touching or eating now.

    We chelate her twice a month for three months and then we take a break for a few months and do blood work to make sure she is fine.  We are finishing up on our second round right now.  This is how we do chelation: Sierra takes one DMSA capsule (which I open and mix with apple juice) first thing in the morning.  She can't eat for two hours but she can drink.  We do that for three days on and eleven days off (2 weeks total time) and we do that for three months.  That comes to six rounds in three months.  There are other ways to do it but this is what we decided on with her doctor.

    The chelation and the B12 shots have just propelled her forward so fast!  In one weeks time something connected in her brain because she started to
  1. Drink from a straw.
  2. Jump with both feet off the floor.
  3. Catch a ball.
  4. Play in the sand (sand used to bother her if it was just on her hands).
  5. Ride on toys (she didn't like anything that moved before)
  6. Sing
    From that point on she just keeps improving.  It seems like every week her speech gets a little clearer, she gets a little more social, she gets braver, sensory problems are diminishing.  I can put her hair in a ponytail now, just last week she rode a pony which she would not even get near before.  Sierra doesn't toe walk as much, she hand flaps only if she is very excited and I was also able to finally potty train her!

    Sierra still has a long way to go, she still has meltdowns if you change her routine and is still very much behind in her language and self help skills, but she is making such great progress lately!

    Sierra was reevaluated when she turned three (5 months ago), which was a little over a year later than the first one.  They gave her an official diagnoses this time.  They said she is no longer on the path to classic autism (what they said in the first unofficial diagnoses), but she has PDD (pervasive development disorder). She was 30 percent delayed overall in language, 20 percent delayed in cognitive, but was ranging in the normal for social-emotional now.

    So that was the path that lead us to our present time and I am looking forward to see where our path leads us to now!

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