Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Practice

    Halloween comes so easy for most children, not for Sierra and of course many other children with autism.  Sierra wants to be Tinker Bell even though she has never watched anything with her in it, I guess she likes her from commercials.

    We have been practicing all week.  I got out Sierra's old pumpkin bucket form last year and I had some left over candy form Christmas (Sierra doesn't like candy too much, just lollipops).  I would take her outside and have her walk up the walkway, ring the doorbell, and say trick or treat as best she could.  Daddy would open the door and give her some candy.  She thought this was hilarious!

    In the house she started practicing herself with her doll house. She would use her little toy figures and ring the doorbell, say trick or treat, and give them some candy through the little door.  It was so cute!  Then I got in on the action.  I had a line of all her different little toy figures and they would ring the doorbell one at a time. Sierra would hand them candy through the door (same candy we just kept reusing it).  Then we would switch places.  It was a lot of fun! 

    Last year Sierra would not even put her costume on and forget about trick or treating!  I think she is really into it this year and she seems like she is ready.  At least she is well practiced.  If not we will just go do something else fun.  We have alternate plans in case she changes her mind.


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