Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sierra Has A Friend!

    I know I keep jumping from past to present, but I just want everybody to know our past history before I move to the present.  Every now and then I have to write about the present because I can't wait to share something, as in Mean People and Petty Poo.  I definitely couldn't wait for this one!

    In North Carolina when you are in the early intervention program they move you to a preschool when you turn three to receive therapy and to help with socialization.  This is a regular preschool that also accepts special needs children.  Sierra has been going for a few months now.  I drop her off everyday around 9:00 am, her class is usually outside on the playground at that time.  I walk her to the gate, give her a kiss, and watch her go off.  Normally she goes straight to the ramp that takes you to the slides, never acknowledging the other kids on the way except to move away if they get too close  I usually watch from the parking lot for a little while before I leave and she does watch the other kids and will do the same things they do but not with them.

    Lately I have been noticing her saying hi back to the kids every now and then, but still on her way to the slides. This past week I saw her run up to a boy and a girl that said hi to her as she came through the gate!  Wow, I did a double take!  The next morning the girl was at the gate and Sierra ran off with her and I asked the teacher what her name was. I told her I wanted to know her name so I could talk to Sierra about her friends. The teacher said "oh she's in another class but Sierra plays with Christopher most of the time".  At that moment I looked up and Sierra was standing on the ramp looking around, then a little boy came running up to her and they went off.  I said is that him and the teacher said yes.  I was on cloud nine!  I went out to the parking lot and sat there for a while spying on them, and they were truly playing together!!!!!  When I came to pick her up that day they were sitting under the slide playing in the sand together!!!!!

    Well that was Friday and I can't wait until Monday to take her back to school just to watch her play.  I have worried so much about how she will do in regular school, but now I am a little less worried!


  1. That is such an awesome moment! My son still prefers to play alone even though he will acknowledge other children. I have seen amazing changes in him since he started special ed prek but I do worry about him being mainstreamed next year for kindergarten. This gives me great hope that he will do fine! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.

  2. Having raised two nuerotypical kids I remember worrying about them going to school and making friends as well, which now seems silly. Thank you so much for your comment and your son is in my prayers.

  3. That really is something to share right away and be so proud of! Huge accomplishment for most children on the spectrum!
    Way to go, Sierra!!

  4. Thanks for the support, you guys are great!