Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't Point That Camera At Me

    Sierra became very scared of having her picture taken, I think it was because of the flash. I always had a hard time taking her picture but it got to a point when she was two years old where she would scream and cry if you pointed a camera at her. The main picture of her in the pink dress at the top of my blog was the second time I had taken her to have her picture taken, she was two. We had the hardest time getting a picture we could use. Sierra cried or was scared to sit on the platform. If she did smile she would put her hands in front of her face. We were about to give up when the photographer just pulled out a sheet for a background and threw flowers on the floor. Sierra was all into the flowers and when she looked up the photographer took that picture, which has become my favorite picture of her! I wanted her to overcome the fear of camera so this is how I did it.
  I took an old digital camera I had laying around and let her play with it. we took pictures of the dog, daddy, the tv, anything she wanted to. Once she was used to having the camera around her I had her sitting on my lap and I took a picture of my toes. She thought that was funny so then I took a picture of her toes and yes I saved that picture. Sierra loved it, so then I held up one of her toy figures and took a picture then she started handing me stuff to take pictures of.
    The whole time I was doing this it was on her terms, I didn't make her do anything she didn't want to or push her in anyway. Then I just asked her to hold one of the figures for me while I took a picture of it. She did but she held it far away from her. She would always look at the picture after I took it. She liked it, so then she started bringing every stuffed animal and toy figure to me to have their photo taken. I must have taken a hundred photos, I have around 50 that I saved. Over time she got herself more in the picture, as you can see in the photos below.

    The whole process only took three days, the majority of it on the second day. The third day she was posing for pictures herself without a toy. Now she has to be in the picture every time I pick up the camera and I am loving it!



  1. That is awesome! I have gone through this with my boys but it was any time a picture was being taken by someone other than a family member that set them off, although Ethan more than Edward. Last Christmas was the first time they had their pictures done (with Santa who used to scare Ethan) and they didn't scream. Baby steps. :)

  2. That is great that they had their picture with Santa! Sierra won't even get close to Santa or any other person in a suit. She enjoys them from afar.