Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doctor Visit #3 and B12 Shots

  Most of the doctor visits are the same now, we go over the changes in Sierra and he adds and takes away vitamins or medicine accordingly.  Some are phone visits and some are office visits. Things start to pick up now with symptom changes so I am going to focus on the things that we gave her that caused the biggest changes.
    Sierra was already taking B12 liquid when the doctor added Valtrex which was to reduce inflammation on the brain.  He said that there has been studies done on autistic brains which show that most of them had an inflammation of brain.  Sierra started taking Valtrex and soon after she started to say ma ma again, which she stopped saying after her 6 month shots and had been non verbal since.  Then I ran out of the B12 liquid and decided to wait to get it at the next doctor visit.  Then Sierra stopped saying ma ma.  The doctor said the Valtrex reduced inflammation and the B12 restores the nerve cells so they kind of helped each other.  He said it was the B12 that was helping her to be verbal.  We decided to switch her to the B12 Shots every 3 days instead of the liquid because the shots are the most efficient way to get the most B12 into her.  Almost immediately she started saying ma ma again and actually referred to me when she said it!

    We started giving her the shots right after her 2nd birthday which was about a year ago.  Her verbal skills have done nothing but improve since then.  She started picking up sign language really fast and started to use whatever she could find to tell me something.  She would run and get a toy, to show me what she wanted to say or she would act it out like in charades.  I am amazed when she comes running out of her room with some toy, I didn't remember she had, to help me understand what she is saying.  Example - She wanted to watch an episode of the Wiggles and I could not figure out what she was saying.  She ran and got her play dough box which had an octopus on it like the one in the wiggles.  Then she does the sign for dancing and runs and gets a space shuttle toy.  She was saying "the Wiggles episode called Space Dancing"!

  The other thing B12 does for Sierra is reduce her stress levels, which enables her to do things she was afraid to do otherwise.  Most of her fears are reduced or gone when on the shots.  Normally when we would go to the park she would be afraid to go on any piece of equipment if another child was on it.  If the park was crowded she wouldn't go on anything.  Now she will hop right on anything as long as the kids are not trying to touch her.  Sierra wouldn't get on anything that moved at all, now she is swinging on the swings and even going on amusement rides!  She wouldn't put her face in the water when swimming, now she jumps in!


     We had to increase her shots to every other day instead of the every three days, because the doctor said that even though she was taking B12 she was still showing a deficiency in it.  That was maybe two months into taking it, now she is back to every three days and we will decrease it as long as she doesn't regress.  We had stopped giving her the B12 for two weeks when we went on vacation, and she did regress by the end of the two weeks. She started to be afraid of things she hadn't been in a long time and her stress increased so much that she was asking me to give her the shot. She definitely knows that the B12 shots make her feel better!

    The shots are easy to give you can even do it in their sleep. It is a small diabetic needle and it goes in their butt.  I give it to Sierra when she is awake, she protested at first but she is ok with it now.  My Mom, 2 nephews and a niece are diabetic, and Sierra's one shot every couple of days is nothing compared to how many shots they have to take. It is well worth it!

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