Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doctor Visit #2

    The second DAN doctor visit we were able to do by phone since we lived three hours away.  I would say eighty percent of our doctor visits were by phone.  They have since opened an office in Fayetteville NC which is only one and a half hours away now.  We used to live in Fayetteville when my husband was stationed there at Fort Bragg and we always love going back to visit.

    On the phone we would go over everything that changed in Sierra good or bad.  Sometimes bad was good, like when the yeast is dying off it produces toxins too fast for the body to eliminate and can cause regression until the body gets rid of the toxins.  That is good because you know it is working.  Sierra had very little die off reaction, just some cold symptoms for a few days.  The doctor had told us at the first visit to use melatonin to help Sierra sleep.  That didn't help her at all.  It helped her to go to sleep but did nothing for her 2 hour meltdowns every single night!  All her other progress was great as I detailed in my other post Doctor Visit #1 Results

    This visit the doctor added a few things for Sierra to take and had her stop taking a few things.
  • Detoxosode -kills parasites in the intestines.
  • Bio B100 - vitamin B complex
  • B12 liquid
  • Antibiotic -to kill any bad organisms in the intestines.
  • Sporanox -to kill off yeast
  • Stopped L-glutamine and vitamin A, those were only to be taken until she finished the bottle.
    Ok now the results.
  • Stopped chewing on metal only chews on ice now.
  • Now has imaginative play
  • Started to play appropriately with toys, but still lines and stacks.
  • Started to imitate.
  • Stimming has lessened only stims when under a lot of stress.
  • No language yet
  • SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!  The day we gave her the Sporanox she slept through the night and has been ever since! 
     I was so excited about having her sleep through the night, I wanted to kiss the doctor!  Sierra stopped sleeping through the night at 7 months and was up every night until I gave her the Sporanox when she was just turning 2 years old.  Things really started looking up at this point.


    1. Hi...I was wondering what dose of sporanox your DR put your daughter on for yeast? My son has been on nystatin for a little over a year with a yeast free diet and we have seen amazing results but I feel he needs a little more aggressive yeast treatment to finish it off. Before I see my DAN dr I like to research myself :) Thanks!

    2. 10 ml twice a day but she was only 2 at the time. We did that for a while then he switched her to diflucan. He likes to switch it up because your body becomes used to it. Yeast is an ongoing battle and you can never really finish it up, You have to keep a maintenance on it. I hope everything goes good for your son, Sierra is doing so well now and I attribute it to biomedical. She never had ABA therapy, all she had was some floortime therapy for a little while and speech.