Monday, September 13, 2010

Doctor Visit #1 Results

    After we went to our first DAN doctor visit I felt a little overwhelmed on how to get supplements into her when she doesn't eat anything that you could mix it into, and even worse how to collect her first morning urine! Jeff our vitamin guy gave us a detailed dosage list which helped on when and how much to give her, but not how to get her to ingest it and most of the stuff I had to give her 2 or 3 times a day!

    I started out giving her one vitamin for a few days before adding another one so we would know how each one affected her, good or bad, doing it that way also made it easier to figure out how she would eat it with the least amount of resistance. Just about everything ended up going into her bottle. I found out that she pretty much drank her bottle no matter what was in it, as long as she drank it right away, if it sat too long she wouldn't drink it. The vitamin C I put into her sippy cup with juice because they wanted her to drink that throughout the day and she normally nursed her juice. Liquid stuff was easy of course and capsules you can open and dump the contents into the bottle.

    Now getting urine from a non potty trained toddler that does not like you to even wipe her at her diaper changing was very hard. The doctor gave us these pediatric urine collection bags that were sticky around the opening. I was supposed to attach it to her private area and it would catch the urine, yeah right! That was hard! Sierra threw a fit when I tried to put it on, so of course it was not on that good. The urine always seemed to miss it and go into her diaper. It had to be first morning urine so I had only one shot to collect it each day. On the third day I put it on her and I cut a hole in her diaper and pulled the bag through which held it place better (that was in the Tips section of the instructions that I didn't read at first, stupid me). I held her on my lap in a certain way until she went so the urine would flow in the right direction, and finally I got enough to use!

   Ok, so now the results. The urine test was too diluted, Sierra would wake every night for two hours and I would give her a bottle to calm her down. This time it was around 4 a.m. which caused her urine to be too diluted. The doctor said we would try again later, that we would go ahead and treat for yeast anyway based on her symptoms. I kept a notebook of her symptoms to keep the doctor informed on what improved and what didn't. This is the list that I wrote.

  • Went to the restaurant four times, Sierra didn't yell, cry or throw things.
  • Her poop was looking more normal (used to be hard black and really smelly)
  • Stopped blinking
  • Actually held my hand twice for a little bit.
  • Ran up to a little girl at the park, smiled and touched her arm!
  • Seems calmer doesn't run like crazy when out.
  • Had a slight die off reaction from the yeast, was like cold symptoms.
  • Played appropriately at playground, did not get fixated on the dirt, rocks or pine bark like previosely.
  • Chewing on metal has decreased.
  • Headbanging tantrums have lessoned.
  • Has more receptive language.
  • Sierra has started to limit food even more, only eats a few things, but has started to use a fork.
 That was the list I made to give the doctor at the second visit, and all that was during an eight week period. So much change in so little time convinced me that we were doing the right thing, and we continued seeing the DAN doctor.

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