Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Getting Worried Now

    When Sierra was 7 months old I started to get really worried.  She stopped sleeping through the night in fact she would be up for two hours or more just crying, or sometimes she would be playing.  She was crawling then, but she never picked up anything to put it in her mouth ever.  Everybody thought that was great since she wouldn't put unwanted things in her mouth.  I thought it was not normal, kids learn by putting things in their mouth.  It also meant she wouldn't feed herself at all.  I could not give her any finger foods until she was well over a year.  We had to teach her by physically putting the food in her hand and then bringing it to her mouth.  The same thing with clapping and pointing, we had to teach her by repeatedly doing the motion for her.

    The car seat was still a major problem, we eventually had to face it forward and that helped a little.  I still couldn't drive her anywhere by myself, because she wouldn't last long and the screaming would begin.  I think she was around a year old when I put a dvd player in the car to keep her distracted long enough to get somewhere.  I had  to play the Backyardigans for her, oh how she loved the Backyardigans! That will be a whole other post in itself!

    Hand flapping started around 8 or 9 months old. She would have her hands up by her ears all the time. She was teething and we thought it was because of that.  It was different though she was not pulling at her ears, she was sort of waving her hands. She is doing it in the picture here of her and her big sister.  I didn't know anything about hand flapping yet so it was just another thing she did that everybody thought was cute.

    Sierra's 9 month doctor's visit was the first time I voiced my concern about her not babbling.  The doctor checked to see if she was tongue tied, where the skin underneath the tongue was too short.  He said it looked fine and that all kids develop different and that she should have so many words by a certain age.  I can't remember how many words by what age, it seemed to change every time I went to the doctors.  She also started walking at 9 months but as soon as she could walk it turned into running.  She pretty much ran any time she was out of the house.  In the house she was always moving, she wouldn't even sit to eat.  Sitting became a hard thing for her to do.  Going out to the stores and restaurants was getting hard as well, she just wanted to run and would start crying if we tried to get her to sit anywhere.

    I was definitely starting to think something was wrong and started to voice it to family but I also didn't want to believe anything was wrong.  I was guilty of rationalizing everything as well, and I just hoped she would grow out of it like everybody suggested she would.

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