Friday, August 6, 2010

For The Love Of The Backyardigans

    Before I go on with the next faze of Sierra's life, let me tell you about the Backyardigans.  Sierra from the time she was 3 months old would just fixate on the Backyardigans.  My husband thought it was cute and would sit her in front of the tv.  I didn't like it and I would get mad at him for doing it, not wanting to use the tv as a babysitter.  Well as time went by, Sierra would have serious meltdowns on a regular basis.  We started to rely on the show to get her out of it.  I caved in because she would become uncontrollable and or inconsolable and the only thing that would get her to stop was to put the Backyardigans on.  We would put the show on and she would just freeze and listen for a minute and then run to that room, soon enough she forgot what she having a meltdown about.  The car rides were horrible because Sierra would just cry the whole time, so I would bring the Backyardigans dvd and she would be fine as long as she could watch them.  I never went anywhere without a dvd with me.  My tivo has almost every episode of the Backyardigans and I have the rest on dvd.  In fact I have two tivos with about 50 shows on both of them just in case she is in that room.  I know that sounds bad and I wasn't one to promote tv watching with my kids, but you just want to keep some sort of peace in the house.  The meltdowns became so nerve racking that I would do anything to try and calm her down.

    Sierra is three now and does not have meltdowns nearly as bad so we don't use them for that anymore, but she still loves them and would prefer to watch them over anything else.  She memorizes every episode and acts them out with her Backyardigan dolls.  I think that the show blocked out the things that were stressing her, or watching the show was a form of stimming.  I don't know if this was the best course to take in that situation but it worked for us and I am very grateful for the people that make the show.  They got us through some hard times!

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