Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something Is Not Right

    When Sierra was 3 months I was already watching everything closely looking for anything wrong because I already felt like something was not right.  She was hitting within the normal range for her development but it was weird.  She rolled over at 4 months but only one way, from her back to her belly, it took another month for her to roll from her belly to her back.  She cooed but not that much.  She would not grab something but if you put it in her hand she would hold it and play with it.  She didn't smile or laugh easily but she did do it.  She sat up and crawled all on cue but she was lacking other movements that required finer motor skills.

    When she was 5 months old one well known sign of autism appeared, eye contact.  She would not look at certain people, my mother, her aunt, and her sister's friend. They all had blond hair and the rest of us had dark hair so we connected it to that.  My other daughter didn't like men or people with hats so I thought it was something along that line.  My mom thought she just wasn't bonding with her, but they lived around the block from us and I went there once or twice a week.  That was hard because my mom had always been close to my older girls and she wanted the same relationship with Sierra.

    At 6 months Sierra was babbling ma ma pretty good and then we went to the doctors for her 6 month check up and shots. The day she got her 6 month shots was the day she stopped babbling.  I remember telling my mom that she hasn't said anything since her doctor's visit two weeks earlier.  She eventually did say ma ma again but it was far and few between, she never babbled anything new either.

I am not sure when I first thought autism but I do remember it flashing in my head sometimes.  I always dismissed it because she was doing just enough of the developmental guidelines to be in the normal range.

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