Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How It Began

Easter -1 month old
    My husband and I have two children each from a previous marriage all of them grown, Sierra was the only child we had together at that time.  I was 39 years old when I had her.  Some studies suggest that age has something to do with autism. I don't know if that is true or not, I have heard all kinds of  reasons for autism which just makes things confusing.  I tend to believe that genetics do play into it but the environmental factor plays a bigger roll in it.  I believe Sierra was born with it because of the environmental toxins in me.  I say that because of the treatment we give her is to remove all the environmental toxins from her body and bring her back into balance, and it has done wonders for her.

    They do not give you the signs and symptoms of autism in babies because autism is hard to detect that early.  Many children don't show any signs until later and then they regress, a lot of parents just do not pick up on it or the doctors dismiss the symptoms at such an early age.  I had a nagging feeling early on about some stuff and other symptoms I realized in hindsight.  I was a seasoned mother though and I knew what was normal and what was not.  It would be hard for a new mother to catch stuff especially if the doctors keep saying everything is fine.  So let me tell you what symptoms I noticed in Sierra and maybe it will help some of you because early detection is crucial in autism.  The sooner you realize something is wrong the sooner you can get help, the younger the child is when you start treatment and or therapy the greater the recovery I feel.

2 months old and very heavy
    When Sierra was born she did not cry, she was breathing fine but the nurses tried very hard to get her to cry so she could fill her lungs good.  They poked, prodded ,and rubbed but she just looked around like it was any other day.  She did eventually cry but I thought it was odd.  She could not keep her formula down in the hospital, they said she had reflux.  We had to add rice cereal to her formula to thicken it up so she could keep it down. The reflux lasted almost a year, she would choke if you fed her juice or water because it was too thin. She was very constipated and her bowl movements were very dark and smelly, the doctor said it was her formula but it wasn't.  She started to eat a lot, like she didn't know she was full.  She got very fat and the doctor said to feed her as much as she wanted but just water it down.  That worked and she thinned out fairly quickly.  Sierra did not start smiling as quickly as I thought she should and I had to work very hard to get her to smile.  What was really hard was that she hated the baby swing and she hated the car seat.  She couldn't sit in the swing at all she just cried and I couldn't drive anywhere without her screaming non stop.  The only way to stop her was to pull over and give he a bottle.  If I had to go anywhere it was with someone else driving and I would have to sit with her and give her a bottle.  Any one problem here was normal but the more I learn about autism the more I realize that these were probably early signs.  All this was just in the first 3 months of her life.  I didn't think autism yet but some of those things were starting to worry me but everybody that saw her said she acted perfectly fine.  Let me tell you now that you here that a lot in the first 18 months, but you know everything is not fine.

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